How To Have a Burning Desire For Success

How To Have a Burning Desire ForSuccess
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Give yourself a compelling reason to succeed.

Last updated: July 28, 2016

By attaching a reward to success you’ll have a strong motivator to push forward even in difficult times. You just need one reward. One really good reward that fuels you with a burning desire.

What Do You Really Want, Really Bad?

What is something you really want that your success can bring to you? Is it a new home; a beautiful house with a spectacular view of the mountains? Maybe you’d like walking to the beach from your front door? How about a new car? Sparkling blue with a sun roof. Or perhaps you’d like a convertible?

Whatever it is you want, it is your well-deserved reward for being successful. Make your reward a good one. You deserve it. Your efforts must pay off and pay off big. How about Hawaii? Want to go? You can if you want to. Set your sights on it!

Keep your reward in the forefront as you begin the rational stages of researching and gaining the knowledge to make your business a success. Your reward should be the first thing you think about before beginning each new day.

No Doubt!

Often times our dreams and desires are sabotaged by doubt. The genesis of doubt is often a result to over-thinking the “how” and “when” of our desires. Stay solidly focused on “what” you want and “why” you want it. You’re going for a feeling here; a feeling of excitement, exhilaration and giddiness.

So, give yourself permission to capture that feeling when you first wake up. Sure, the day may bring its challenges and difficulties, but make it a habit to recharge your desire at the beginning of each new day. With practice, it becomes easier and easier to illicit that feeling during the day and supercharge your “whens” and “hows” into actionable steps.

Energize with Pictures and Words

In order to fully commit to your reward, get a notebook and write a detailed description of it. What color is it? What size is it? How tall is it? Write everything you can which will make the picture very clear in your mind.

If you can, paste a physical picture of your reward below your description. A picture is very powerful, so do your best to find a reasonable representation of your reward that you can gaze upon each day.

Visualize your reward often during the day. Recapture the feeling of owning this reward. Then you can proceed with the fun work of pursuing your business… with confidence!

Now then, on the second page of your notebook, write down one thing you must do tomorrow to start building your dream business into a reality. At the end of the day, write down your next daily goal on a new page.

To recap: Awake with the intent to capture that feeling of a burning desire for your reward – what and why thoughts only! Get out your notebook and rev your engine! When you are feeling sufficiently throttled, flip the page and get moving on your actionable steps.

Start each new day this way and let the journey begin!

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Brett Krkosska provides how-to advice on small business and home-based work issues. He is the founder of HomeBizTools and the publisher of Straight Talk, a syndicated column that offers a unique perspective on today’s business issues.

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