Getting Paid For Your Freelance Work

Getting Paid for Your Freelance Work

How does a freelancer get paid for their work? Here are the details of getting funds safely moved from the hiring party to the freelancer.

Question from HBT reader: On completion of a freelance job and acceptance by the company I’m doing the project for, how does the payment process work? Does the company pay me, or does the freelance job site pay me?


You get paid for your services when the freelance project is completed, or at intervals (milestones) during the project work as set forth in the terms between you and the hiring party. If the job is billed as an hourly project, you will submit a billing invoice to get paid, usually once a week.

Freelance marketplaces generally handle all the payment processing. The employer establishes a funded escrow account with the marketplace. The funds are released to you when terms of the contract are met.

You should always read and understand the policies of the project management site, or marketplace, which you post to. The terms will be clearly spelled out and it is your responsibility to follow their policies.

For more information, read this article about working as a freelancer. It provides an overview to help you get started freelancing, and includes a listing of popular marketplaces where you can review their payment policies.

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