Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Do you have a hobby that you really love and want to turn it into profit?

Do you find yourself always talking about it? Do people seem to have an interest in what you do? If so- then consider making your hobby a business.

I never imagined in a million years that when I first learned to make bread, 7 short years ago, I would be running an e-commerce business that would generate over 1/4 million dollars in sales in only it’s third year!

I remember struggling while I made bread- and then I met some great ladies online who loved to talk about baking. I later learned how to make bread, and many other things.

So I took some of my knowledge and I began playing around with a website. It was all for fun- but what happened is incredible!I remember my first website- no shopping cart, graphics that were so huge it would take nearly 5 minutes to down load one picture, and my grammar was terrible! ( it still can is but I have * friends * <g> )

In my freetime, I began to research just about anything I could online about running, designing and managing a website. I subscribed to some great PC magazines, my absolute favorite being Home Computing PC magazine. I would read articles on how other websites made it, I would study how HTML worked, I would search and search for anything I could get my hands on about submitting my website to the top search engines, and I would pray.

I tell you- I still pray everyday about our business- it’s a million miles from what I ever imagined it would be, so I know for certain I did not do this alone! Providence has ordered my steps and I am having a ball!

I took a hobby, baking bread and cooking from scratch- and shared online how much I love it. Then I added just a few products, and wrote more articles about how much fun I was having. I answered every email that came in, I worked hard to give accurate and reliable info to my customers and all the while, I was still having a ball!

My hobby was still my hobby- you could find me very often at the computer with flour on my hands. Many times am caught making bread when a customer calls! So my hobby was not lost- I just gained an incredible business.

What made our business really take off is when I began to USE each and every thing we sold. I tested them all out- I took digital pictures, I started creating online tutorials to assist people in their bread making. Things began to grow!

Then I learned how to create a fun, easily navigable website and I also learned how to make my shopping cart run smoothly. It was alot of fun! I later learned how to do custom graphics, layouts and more! I later started up a second business called His Hand Website Design as well! http://www.hishanddesign.com

It is important to really love what you do- and to just be yourself. There are enough fake website owners who know nothing about what they do and really don’t care about you. Don’t be one of them- be different and watch what happens.

Do you have a hobby that you really love? Do you find yourself always talking about it? Do people seem to have an interest in what you do? If so- then consider making your hobby a business.

One of my best friends did this as well, she started making home crafted soaps about 2 years ago. She now does large craft shows, has a successfully running Internet business and is enjoying every minute of it. The greatest part is, she is a mother of TEN children and they all work together.

Making your hobby a business- it will make working and then even retirement alot of fun!

Ann DeVere is a senior partner of NORconcepts; a San Diego based Marketing Firm. Ann customizes small business marketing, helping other entrepreneurial business owners learn to put their marketing and advertising dollars to the best use and how to recognize their full potential. Visit Ann DeVere online and at Marketing Blueprint Developer to discover the crucial pieces of information to develop your marketing tool that guarantees your success.

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