5 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

5 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Wanting to travel but don’t really have the finances? There are many options available to make money on the go.

In this age of the internet, there is no reason why you can’t earn cash while traveling. With the prevalence of social networking sites, it’s completely possible to just hit the road and supplement your income along the way.

No matter where you go, there is somebody who needs something fixed, built, planted, configured, transported, fed, written, hoisted, traded, sold; you get the idea. Offering your services to people in need is always in demand. The only thing you really need is a device capable of connecting to the internet.

Networking on Steroids

Craigslist is social networking on steroids. They cover nearly every aspect of life that connects people to people. The great part about Craigslist? You can look in the specific areas on your travel itinerary and search by location.

In the gigs section you often find people seeking help with odd jobs. Listings include jobs such as: Yard and house work, car maintenance, computer work, musical gigs, etc. These are all jobs that you aren’t obligated to do long-term. Complete the job and get paid.

When it comes to getting paid, make sure you have an agreed upon fee for your service. Know when you will be paid and in what form the payment is made. Just beware of predatory listings; use common sense when evaluating offers and practice personal safety at all times.

Facebook Is More Than Memes and Videos

While Facebook isn’t quite as popular as Craigslist for finding work, it still remains a very powerful tool when looking for money-making ventures.

The hardest part about finding jobs on Facebook is locating the right groups. Groups are a gathering of people with a common interest. Start by using the search feature in Facebook to target the city, then use terms such as: Buy, sell, trade, job, employment, opportunities, classifieds, part-time, etc.

Many groups require that an administrator approve your inclusion in the group. This can take a few hours to a few days, so plan ahead before you travel and join relevant groups.

If you find that a group doesn’t offer any job opportunities, ask the group for recommendations of other groups who offer job opportunities, or simply ask if anyone is needing help with anything.

While it may be a little more difficult finding work on Facebook, with some networking you’ll find the hot spots. Save them for future adventures into that geographical area.

Freelance and Work From Anywhere

Many companies and individuals aren’t looking for employees to fulfill roles within the company. As a freelancer you help these companies meet goals and deadlines without the hassle of hiring someone.

The type of work available for freelancers runs the gamut from accounting, IT work, translation services, website design, writing projects, to zoology. You see all kinds of listings. Some require no formal training, and some require specialized skills.

To land freelance jobs it’s best to plan well in advance of your trip. Get up to speed on the best practices used by experienced freelancers and register with several freelance marketplace sites.

Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Another great source of extra income to fund your travels is YouTube. Start an interesting video blog documenting your trip and satisfy the curiosity of home-bound surfers everywhere.

This is especially successful if you are traveling to places of historical interest, natural grandeur, or cultural significance. With a decent recorder and some simple video editing software it’s easy to create and upload on the go.

Earning money from your videos comes through the use of ad placements on YouTube. Once you upload your videos you have the ability to monetize. The downside:  It’s not a guaranteed money-making formula. You will have to build a viewer base. This will highly depend on how well you are received by the people watching.

Ideally, this source of income is best suited to those who travel regularly and upload frequently. If you can establish yourself as an interesting YouTube personality with well-presented material, your viewership will grow over time.

Saved Money is Earned Money

As we all know, traveling can be quite expensive. Whether it’s a day trip or a month long excursion, all those little purchases add up quickly. Ralph Bayles, a frequent traveler of the road, expresses the remedy with this oft-quoted idiom: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Ralph often takes to the road on his motorcycle for the  freedom it brings and exploration of new and interesting places. He’s no stranger to the expense of providing for creature comfort on the road. “The easiest way to make money is less obvious, in my experience,” says Ralph. “Why spend sixty bucks or more on a bed and breakfast when you can pitch a tent and go work a few hours? Suddenly that sixty dollars can be put elsewhere, and you get a tan in the process. After a few days those savings add up, and you’ve ‘made’ $180 in three days.”

When you are on the road and stretching every penny, saving on the essentials while concurrently earning supplemental income can really help you get to the next destination. According to Ralph, “Travelers that wrap their minds around the concept of working for their keep go a lot farther on a budget than those who don’t.”

Sage advice, and an excellent way to meet and network with new people; create connections that will come in handy on future traveling adventures.

With so many options available to make money during your travels, why not start planning that trip right now? Grab any, or all, of these ideas and ease the burden of funding your next travel adventure. No place is off limits when you can earn income from anywhere.

Tyler Murphy is a freelance writer and graphic designer. He is also a certified pilot and spends much of his free time touring the wide open skies.

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