How to Shoot Great YouTube Videos

How To Shoot Great YouTube Videos
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Having good equipment to shoot your production will make a huge difference in quality.

To shoot great YouTube videos you probably don’t want to use that web cam you found in a box from the last time you moved 10 years ago. You will want something that will produce good quality for the type of video you wish to produce.

Keeping in mind the types of videos you’re producing will help you decide on the camera you need. For instance, if you are shooting something in super slow motion you are going to want a specific camera that will allow for this.

For most productions you shouldn’t need anything too fancy. Affordable off-the-shelf brands will usually give you the clarity you need.

A good microphone is just as important as the camera.

You don’t want your audience feeling like you just drove into a tunnel with poor reception. Consider the environment you’re recording in. If, for instance, you intend to shoot outdoors, a microphone and windsock designed to handle extraneous noise is a good investment. If your shoots need top quality sound reproduction, as with musical performances, the investment up front can substantially improve YouTube views and subscriber conversions.

Good lighting equipment will help you get the most out of your camera.

Good lighting can make the difference between an amateur looking video and a professional one. Lighting equipment can open up more locations for you to shoot and improve indoor locations that are poorly lit or have uneven lighting. Knowing the type of video you’re producing and your intended audience will determine your lighting needs.

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Tyler Murphy is a freelance writer and graphic designer. He is also a certified pilot and spends much of his free time touring the wide open skies.

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