How To Start a Mobile Oil Change Business

How To Start a Mobile Oil Change Business

Do you have a garage? How about a van or a truck? With little more than this you’ve got the basics for a great mobile oil change business.

“Bring it to me” service businesses are in high demand. A business that was once only provided to major fleet owners has now become more mainstream.

My wife and I were motivated to start this business while working in a manufacturing plant. Myself, as a supervisor on salary (means being paid for 40 hours – worked up to 80) and my wife, an hourly worker where overtime was required.

We always had a ton of “to do” items on our list that we couldn’t find time TO DO. Of course most things just kept getting put off because we simply didn’t have the┬átime. We kept wishing that we could find a way to start our own business that would help others in the same “no time” boat as we were in.


After much searching we heard of one company that offered on-site oil change services. We kicked that idea around and mentioned it to various friends, family and co-workers and everyone thought it was an excellent idea!

The list of who could benefit from a mobile oil change service includes fleet owners, people who live in apartments, busy professionals, rural dwellers, even the average individual who simply doesn’t have the knowledge to do it themselves.


The start up costs for this type of business are very low. It can be run from home using your own garage for warehousing and tools, so there is no added overhead for a “shop”. After deciding a business name, getting a business license and insurance – all the legal necessities – all that is needed is a vehicle, some tools and equipment to do the job, inventory (oil and oil filters), and a computer to print brochures, fliers, and price lists. Business cards and invoices can be ordered online or designed by a local printer. With a free site hosting service (low cost to have banners removed) you’re on your way.


The first couple of years were tough, no denying that, we had no idea of how to advertise and no one to turn to for help. With much determination we learned what worked and what was a waste of time and money.

Eventually we found our “niche” and our business became such a success that we added a wider variety of services. From tire rotations, air filter and wiper blade replacement, to bulbs, headlights and serpentine belt replacements also.


Our customers love the service and we were able to leave our factory jobs and start helping others save valuable time. Word of mouth is the best way to promote this type of business, so we started out by telling family, friends, our insurance agent, dentist and other businesses about our services we now offered. Once we had our foot in the door with a few fleet owners, word of mouth spread to other fleet owners.

Starting our own business was challenging, as there was no information available to tell us what we needed to know. We learned the hard and costly way. However, we are living proof that if you set your mind to it, you can do it. Starting our mobile oil change business was the best move we ever made – for ourselves, our family, and our future.

Eric Johnson and co-owner Melinda Johnson started their mobile oil change business, Melrics Mobile Lube, when they found no resources to help them with their questions. After trial and error they discovered what works and wrote the definitive guide: “How To Start A Mobile Oil Change Business.”

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