7 Great Reasons To Start An Office Cleaning Business

7 Great Reasons To Start An Office Cleaning Business

Office cleaning is not drudgery when you’re getting paid well to do it.

Last updated: July 30, 2016

For those with a sense of independence and a creative spirit, starting an office cleaning business is a wonderful way to earn great money and provide yourself with genuine security.

The fear of not earning enough money keeps many people from starting their own office cleaning business. Another common fear is that unless they work for someone else, they will have no real security.

But natural entrepreneurs know that money flows when they, not anyone else, are in charge of their own destinies. My partner Ev and I discovered that we actually earned more money and gained genuine security when we started an office cleaning business.

Instead of giving in to fear, we got motivated and put our efforts into designing our lives the way we wanted. Instead of allowing somebody else’s dream guide us in a so-called “secure” professional direction, we let our own dreams guide us. We started to make some key business decisions that made sense for our lives. Now we earn great money and we’re achieving real security, all because we started a cleaning business of our own.

We started our office cleaning business over nine years ago. Although our schedules are now full of other more creative commitments, we continue to clean offices because the flexible schedule gives us the free time we need to pursue our personal goals, and we like getting paid real well, real often, for real easy work.

When I first joined Ev as he started an office cleaning business I had no idea what I was getting into. I loved the idea of being my own boss, but cleaning had always seemed like drudgery. Ev guaranteed that cleaning would give me time to spend the way I wanted. Since I was ready to take charge of my life, I decided to try it

I discovered that cleaning is not drudgery when you’re getting paid well to do it. I also discovered that working in office environments is a pleasant way to make quick cash. We also clean houses where you have to deal with people. An office is more neutral territory. No one to have to talk to when you really just feel like focusing.

Best of all, I realized that through our diligence and excellent service, Ev and I have provided genuine job security for ourselves all along.

Why do we think starting an office cleaning business is a great idea? Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Unlimited income potential

You can grow your office cleaning business as big as you want. Many recent entrepreneurs have built up their office cleaning businesses up to 100k a year within one year. Try that with a JOB (just over broke). Cleaning franchises are booming nationwide, but franchises are a bad deal for the want-to-be professional cleaner. You go massively into debt before you even get started. Franchises are highly appropriate for oil lube shops and Internet cafes because those are expensive and complicated businesses, office cleaning is not.

2. Start bringing in money within two weeks

You can discover interested clients within days. You can be giving quotes within a week. You can have jobs by week two. You can have a full-force office cleaning business within a few months.

3. Start on a shoestring budget

You can start an office cleaning business for well under $100. This business is one of the best for inexpensive start-ups. Believe it or not you can even start without a vacuum or a car. We did!

4. Be your own boss

Absolutely my favorite reason for starting an office cleaning business. My inner compass just tells me that being my own boss is taking me in the right direction. I’m sure you can relate. Nothing quite compares to the pride and excitement of calling the shots and being in charge of your own destiny. What is stopping you? Sure, you’ll make mistakes, we all make them. But no one is going to scold you and you’ll learn from your mistakes. Besides, as another entrepreneur once said, we have the most sympathetic boss in the world – ourselves!

5. Set your own hours

We love this aspect of starting an office cleaning business even more than being our own boss. We take days off when we want and as often as we can get away with. Try that with a JOB (just over broke). We find that we each work smarter instead of harder because we’re able to tap into our natural sense of responsibility. When you’re empowered to take charge of your own schedule you take more pride in the work you do.

6. Get paid everyday

This is my second favorite benefit. It’s really cool. Every day we get at least one check if not several. You won’t stress out about paying your bills on time. No waiting two weeks or a month to get paid. This makes your personal accounting system less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable and even downright fun.

7. Start additional cleaning services

You can add in any of a dozen additional cleaning services to maximize your profits. You can grow your office cleaning business and start running crews – that’s when you start to make the real cash! Or add on related businesses. Carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, house cleaning and plantscaping are all natural outgrowths of starting a cleaning business. You can mix office cleaning with house cleaning, or window cleaning with office cleaning, or for variety and more money, do all three.

Starting an office cleaning business may not be glamorous, but because we did it, Ev and I have gained free time to do what we want to do, lowered our stress levels, become more productive and happier, and we make a good living. For people with a sense of independence and a creative spirit, starting an office cleaning business is a wonderful way to earn great money quickly and provide yourself with genuine security.

Suzanne Arthur is dedicated to coaching, supporting, and teaching others how to make their dreams come true. In addition to the four Cleaning Methods manuals Suzanne is also the author to hundreds of how-to guides and articles. Visit Suzanne Arthur online and at Start Your Own Cleaning Business for more information about starting a cleaning business.

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