How To Succeed With Affiliate Programs

How To Succeed With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn extra money on the Internet. Here are some tips on making the most of these programs.

Affiliate, or reseller programs, are a great way to earn money on the Internet. But it’s not simply a matter of pasting up a few banners. Here are some tips on gaining the confidence of your visitors so they will feel comfortable with making the click, and ultimately the purchase.

People act based on “what’s in it for me?” Does your site reek of honesty? Does your site promote a sense of trust? Does it clearly give the impression that what you offer will¬†indeed benefit the visitor? Make your site a masterpiece of your own inspirations and you’ll be much closer to making money online.

Weave the links to your affiliate programs into your site. Let the links fit within the framework of your site’s theme. You’ll have much better success by leading your visitors to the links, rather than simply displaying the links.

2. Recommend your programs rather than advertise them.

You can increase your success by offering commentary and recommending the programs. Think of yourself as a customer… not an advertiser. As a satisfied customer recommending a product, your success is greatly enhanced. Let your visitors know why you recommend a service or product. Has it assisted in the growth of your business?

Many programs don’t require you purchase their product to promote it.¬† However, if you actually are familiar with the affiliate’s product, your editorial will be richer, more descriptive, and compelling.

You may want to promote the product or service for a while before promoting the affiliate program itself. A 2-tiered or recurring income program that pays monthly will incur more long-term revenue from product sales rather than from signing up other resellers.

3. Choose the right programs for your site.

Do you know who the company is that offers the affiliate program? Go with established and well-known companies. Don’t waste time with companies that have no track record. If they go out of business, you are out of business.

Find programs that fit well with the theme of your site. Turning your site into a “flea market” of programs can reduce the number of clicks to your programs.

4. Choose programs that pay.

Generally, you’ll want to earn commissions of 20% or more. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. For instance, I have one program that only earns an average of only $9.00 per month. Yet, since it only took me a few minutes to add the link, and it fits well into my site, that’s $9.00 I might not otherwise earn. Be careful though, too many of these types of low-earners tend to shrink the purse strings!

Ideally, programs that offer recurring commissions or are two-tiered will increase your bottom line. Recurring commissions come from programs such as Web hosting or Autoresponders and pay monthly for as long the account you referred stays active. Two-tired programs allow you to earn commissions from the sales made by sub-affiliates.

5. Personally welcome your customers and sub-affiliates.

Email a personal welcome message to your customers and affiliates that join your programs. Help them to succeed by educating them on the facts about affiliate programs. The hallmark of a long-lived home business is one that establishes and maintains relationships.

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