Starting a Window Cleaning Business: 7 Tips for Excellence

Starting A Window Cleaning Business

Follow these 7 tips to start your own window cleaning business that you can operate from home.

Last updated: July 30, 2016

We’ve all heard it: “I don’t do windows.” If you DO do windows – and want to do it well – these proven tips will help you build new clientele and maintain good relations with your existing customers.

After their initial start-up phase, far too many window cleaning businesses begin to neglect their duties. As a result their job security suffers. Ev and I know this because we’ve “stolen” jobs away from other window cleaners when they failed to deliver excellence for their clients. We hear complaints about these “flakes” time after time, when our new clients are calling us because they’re disappointed with their current service.

When you’ve started your window cleaning business and it’s running smoothly, it pays to think ahead and give yourself an extra edge of job security by delivering the little extras that will make your clients glad to write those checks out to you, month after month. We’ve experienced the job security that comes from applying ourselves with integrity to fulfill each client’s needs – not just fulfill them, but exceed them. You can too. What’s more, you can keep your clients for as long as you choose. If you are starting a window cleaning business, delivering excellence will help you build job security, because your clients will be praising your name.

The good news is, delivering excellence is not all that difficult to do. How do you do it? Here are 7 tips:

1. Show up on time and be consistent. Being punctual shows your client that you respect their schedule and that you can be counted on. Don’t vary the time you both agreed on unless you must. While starting your window cleaning business, create or develop systems that provide a structure within which you can work efficiently and consistently. Developing consistent systems also provides a way for you to check off your mental“to do” list while working, reducing the likelihood that you’ll forget something.

2. Be thorough. Focus on one task at a time, while keeping in mind the whole picture. Know where you are going next, not just as you start your window cleaning business, but as you clean at each of your jobs. Fully complete one task before beginning the next. Move your cleaning equipment along with you. Don’t spread it out and leave it in anybody’s way.

3. Do your job to the best of your ability. Clean as if your life depended on it! Well, maybe not your life, but your livelihood does depend a job well done. Show that you care. Do what you would like to have done for your own place of business. Work quickly but never rush or take risks with your safety or anyone else’s.

4. Return your clients’ phone calls as soon as you possibly can. Don’t give them even one reason to think of you as less than professional. Make it easy for your clients to keep you on and refer you and your service to others.

5. Keep up to date. Continue learning and educating yourself about your business. Don’t assume that you always know the best way to handle new situations. We can all afford to step back periodically, get a fresh perspective, and reinvigorate ourselves and our approach. Check out professional window cleaning associations on the Internet. Learn what’s new with other professionals and how you might benefit from the new information.

6. We’re all human. Mistakes can and probably will happen every once in a blue moon. Apologize and make amends if you need to.

7. Say thank you. We send our holiday cards just before Thanksgiving. That way they won’t be lost in the sea of Christmas cards. This is a nice time to thank your clients for giving you the opportunity to serve them. But don’t wait for the holidays. Whenever the urge to say thank you strikes, say it! When we first started a window cleaning business, we sent a round of thanks to all our clients. Now one of them, a real estate agent, consistently refers new clients to us.

These 7 tips for excellence aren’t much more than common sense, but we all know how uncommon that can be. As you start a window cleaning business, be professional, work to consistently fulfill your clients’ expectations, and then go one step further and give them more than they bargained for. You will have job security for as long as you choose.

Suzanne Arthur is dedicated to coaching, supporting, and teaching others how to make their dreams come true. In addition to the four Cleaning Methods manuals Suzanne is also the author to hundreds of how-to guides and articles. Visit Suzanne Arthur online and at Start Your Own Cleaning Business for more information about starting a cleaning business.

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