Getting Started as a YouTube Personality

Getting Started as a Youtube Personality
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Whether your want to make extra money, become a famous YouTube celebrity, or just get your information out to the world, then making a YouTube channel may be perfect for you.

With YouTube, people have the option of sharing their ideas with the world at will.  They no longer have to wait for their ideas to get published in a magazine that may or may not be read.

In recent years YouTube has turned many ordinary people into wealthy online stars. While this is exceptional, for most of us a YouTube channel can still garner a substantial following with a little planning.

If you’re looking to get a unique piece of information out on the internet, YouTube is a great option.

There are many people doing exactly this. After all, YouTube videos are great for presenting instructional material.  You can fast forward, pause, and rewind – giving viewers the option to skip around and find exactly the step they’re looking for.

The videos can even be broke up into a series of videos. You can individualize a step-by-step process, which allows for a much better view of the process.

Many people who make YouTube videos are looking for fame.

If you are an artist who wants recognition, YouTube certainly has a track record of being able to make it happen.

The population is split on whether it was a good thing Justin Beiber got picked up. However, we can agree that a 20 million dollar contract sounds pretty good!

It’s not just music that has made people famous either. Bloggers, sculptors, painters, comedians, and many more have all become popular stars.

So, what’s your specialty?

Monetizing your channel makes sense.

YouTube has become famous for the amount of money some stars earn.  But you don’t really have to be a huge hit or devote your life to your videos in order to make money.  Ordinary people supplement their income by making simple, easy to produce videos in their spare time.  In the end, its all about making a channel that targets a receptive audience. In the next article in this series we’ll look at the steps of planning a profitable YouTube channel.

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Tyler Murphy is a freelance writer and graphic designer. He is also a certified pilot and spends much of his free time touring the wide open skies.

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