Choosing Software To Produce a YouTube Channel

Choosing Software To Produce a YouTube Channel
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Once you have a YouTube channel idea, it’s time to start gathering everything required for production.

There are a few basic things you will need in order to begin producing videos.

You will need good video editing software. You will also need audio editing software. In order to run both of these editors effectively, you will also need a computer capable of running them.

Video Editing Software

If you are just trying to get your ideas out there and only want basic editing capability, you can get by with free video editing software.

Lightworks and Movie Maker are good video editors for many applications – both free. Lightworks is actually a professional grade editor and requires a significant learning curve, but is well worth the time if you want a suite of editing and effects features not found in Movie Maker. The free version of Lightworks is adequate for most projects.

If you are looking for full production capability you can drop a little cash and invest in something better, but for most projects you won’t have to get anything fancy and a basic free setup will be fine.

Audio Editing Software

Audio editing software can greatly improve the quality of your channel. It gives you greater control over he audio quality of your video. Manipulating audio allows you to add layers of music, or even insert audio from another source.

There are many free audio editing programs available that will give you everything you need. Audacity is a popular free program that can be mastered fairly quickly. Reaper requires a bit more study, but provides more choices to manipulate your audio.


Hardware is an important consideration. With more processing power in your computer you can edit audio and video without bogging down or freezing your system. The level of sophistication you want in your videos is a determining factor.

For instance, if your project is something that requires Ultra-High Resolution then a computer that can handle the high-end graphics rendering is necessary.

If you choose Lightworks video editing software, they recommend 3GB RAM and an i7 processor or better and a graphics card with 1GB GPU or better to run effectively. I typically recommend going above these specs when looking at buying a new system. Having some headroom allows you to stay current as the software developer rolls our updates.

If your confused by these numbers, you can always visit a local electronics store and ask a sales representative to help you. It isn’t imperative that you know what all the numbers  means, you just need to be diligent in selecting a system that performs well for its intended purpose.

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Tyler Murphy is a freelance writer and graphic designer. He is also a certified pilot and spends much of his free time touring the wide open skies.

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